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The tricky thing about a rapidly-growing business (or a brand new one!) is, without emotional intelligence and systems in place to guide that growth, you’re left chasing tasks every which way, with no plan and no goals.

That isn’t why you started your company.

There’s a world of difference between throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks….and intentionally throwing specific projectiles at specific sections of the wall. Below are some of the ways that I can help transform your business and life. 

Conscious Business Coaching

1-1 Coaching

I provide 1-1 coaching for entrepreneurs and business leaders by looking at the whole person and co-create a road map for success. 

Quite often, these eager entrepreneurs spend more time thinking, planning and working in their business than on themselves and their business.

Your business is an extension of you. And the more you put off investing in your own personal growth, the longer it will take you to hit your business goals.

Book a complimentary 30-min coaching session to see if we’re a good fit. 

8-Week Group Coaching

Begins April 2, 2020! Limited spots available

Stop working IN your business and starting working ON your business! This 8-week program will take you through some foundational exercises in a small group environment to help launch the business of your dreams and set you up for success on a path that is right for you and your growing enterprise.


EQ.i 2.0 / EQ 360 Coaching Assessments

Emotionally effective entrepreneurs build stronger businesses. Are you looking to level up in business and life?  Discover your emotional intelligence score across 15 different measures, work 1-1 with me to create an action plan to balance your areas of strength with areas for development.

Developed by MHS Assessments Inc., the leader in scientifically validated assessments.


Workshops + Facilitation

Workshop Topics

Looking for a facilitator to provide emotional intelligence, entrepreneurial, operational or strategic guidance to help transform your business? Sue will inspire your group to work towards a common vision.

Areas of Expertise
Mindset + Business Growth

The Emotionally Effective Leader

Business Plan Development

Internet Marketing

Strategic Planning for Your Business

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