Inner Criti(que): How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Kickstart Business Growth

An intensive 8-week group coaching program is designed to quiet the naysayer in your head so you can show up in your business, build an audience of raving fans, make more money, and have fun doing it.


Yes! I want to build my dream business and feel good doing it!

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You are too smart for your own good.

Smart people are capable of incredible things.

Smart people build planes and cure diseases; they contribute to their communities and create inspiring art; they help us understand the world in new ways; they lead and motivate others to be their best.

And smart people come up with the big, creative, paradigm-shifting ideas that fuel the growth of industries.

But research has proven that smart people like you face unique challenges that can’t be solved by just being smart.

(Think about it logically: If your problems could be solved by just being smart, you would’ve solved them already. Right?)

Here’s the thing that nobody ever tells you about being a super-smarty-pants:

When you live inside your head, you’re too close to your own thoughts to see the fine line between thinking…and overthinking. Especially when it comes to business decisions. 

Special Bonus:

Six 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Sue!

Pay the full amount ($750) up front and receive 6 additional 1:1 coaching sessions with me following the group program. 

You see, there’s a difference between being smart and being self-aware.


And when smart people lack the self-awareness to see how their own smartness is handicapping them in their businesses, that problem manifests itself in various ways:

  • You put off the things you actually want to do – the things your soul is calling you to do, the things that would actually move your business forward – and find “logical” justifications for rationalizing why you should spend time on less important things instead (usually we disguise this as “just being practical”…but there’s nothing practical about ignoring the little voice in your head that’s trying to pull you toward bigger & better things)
  • You become enthralled by shiny objects every time you sit down to do the one thing you tell yourself you’re going to do and these shiny objects are the tasks that wind up on your (impossibly long) to-do list instead of the things that you say actually matter to you
  • You conflate productivity with busywork and think that making progress on a small, unimportant task is just as good as making progress on one of your major business priorities when actually, you’re petrified by the mere thought of going after what you want and so you use busywork as an excuse to numb out
  • You shy away from your “WHY” and shrink from opportunities to get visible & show up as an expert because it feels easier to just stay small and safe – when actually, “small and safe” is what’s slowly killing you from the inside out

And as hard as you try, you can’t seem to escape the same old traps that your brain keeps falling into. The faster the hamster wheel spins, the further you think you should’ve gone —
and when you find yourself stuck in the exact same place you were before, it prompts even more over-thinking.

NEWS FLASH: You can’t think your way out of your business problems. 

Because your thinking (and thinking, and thinking, and thinking…) is what’s CREATING them.

Here’s the thing that smart people don’t realize about their brains:

Your brain is a jerk.

Your brain doesn’t care about what you want or what makes you happy.

Your brain is a product of natural selection.

Your brain’s job is to keep you alive, breathing, and safe from sabretooth tigers.

And your brain will do whatever it has to do to keep your body alive and breathing.

INCLUDING lie to you. Even about business stuff.

Did you know that your brain is a liar?

Yes, it lies to you. All the time.

We all have inside of us this little voice whose sole job is to talk us out of all the things we want to do, to be, to achieve.

Because in order to get what you want, you need to change something.

Want the dream business? Then you need a plan for getting it off the ground. 

Want your existing business to grow faster? Then you’ll need to implement a growth acceleration strategy.

But your brain’s job is to ensure your survival – and the best way to do that? Is to make sure everything stays the same forever and absolutely nothing changes – EVER.

That’s why your brain will actively resist your efforts to get the things you want out of life – because it will always, always, always choose predictability over uncertainty, even if that predictability comes with a high emotional cost. Even if the “same old” makes you miserable, at least that misery is predictable.

That’s where self-sabotage starts.

But where does it end? How can you fight something as powerful as your own brain? How can you defeat the brain and get what you really want, whether it’s a new client, a new investor, an audience of raving fans, or something else?

Short answer: You can’t. Don’t even try.

You can’t fight your brain. 

But you CAN befriend it.

That’s how you convince it to work for you instead of against you.


Inner Criti(que) — How to Stop Self-Sabotage and Kickstart Business Growth

($1,700 value!)

So if your brain lies to you to keep you safe, then you need to convince it that you’re already safe. That lying isn’t necessary. That you know what you’re doing, and you have your brain’s best interests at heart even as you pursue your big, scary business goals.

That’s how you stop the cycle of self-sabotage. That’s how you step into all of your human potential and achieve incredible things. That’s how you grow your business by leaps and bounds in no time. By getting your brain on your side.

And that is exactly what you’ll learn how to do in Inner Criti(que) – you’ll learn how to identify self-sabotaging thought patterns, how to overwrite those patterns with positive affirmations, and how to create a story that empowers you to achieve the things that matter to you – even if you don’t feel like you have what it takes to be a “businessperson”.

Best of all, you’ll do all of this in a collaborative and supportive group setting with other ambitious people who are all walking the same path.

Are you ready to make peace with your inner saboteur and start building your dream business?

The Peace Plan: How We’ll Convince Your Inner Critic to Surrender

Group Schedule: Thursdays from 7PM to 8PM Pacific, starting April 2nd

Every week we will hold accountability check-ins, discuss business strategy and introduce a new theme.

Week 1: Meet Your Saboteur

    • Your Saboteur’s Identity: Determining who’s holding you back
    • Your Childhood Self: Finding who you were before your saboteur took over
    • How to Reprogram Your Brain

Week 2: Getting Down to Business

    • Goals and Commitments: Let’s talk strategy
    • Business vs Busyness: How to tell the difference between income-generating activities and busywork
    • Accountability: What you can do to keep your promises to yourself

Week 3: What’s Your Why?

    • Values and Virtues: What you want & what you stand for
    • The 15-Year Plan: Creating a life that aligns with your “why”
    • Affirmation and Attributes: What it looks like when you’re aligned with your purpose and how to get in touch with your “why”

Week 4: Your Inner Critic

    • Hearing vs Listening: How to recognize your inner critic’s voice
    • Vocab Rehab: How to nix negative self-talk and create a growth-oriented vocabulary

Week 5: What’s Your Story?

    • Story-Driven Sales: Why telling stories can help you sell your offering
    • Building Your Story: How you can assert your expertise through a powerful self-story

Week 6: Gratitude/AMA

    • The Gratitude Mindset: What gratitude does for your business and life
    • Choosing Gratitude: How to cultivate a grateful mind
    • Ask Me Anything: Come prepared with a biz strategy question or two!

Week 7: Your ONE THING

    • Your Daily Action: The ONE thing you can commit to each day to build your business
    • Know Thyself: Why your success depends on understanding who you are, who you were before, and who you want to be next

Week 8: Celebrating Wins

    • Victory Party! What did you accomplish in the last 2 months?
    • Creating lasting change
    • Wrap-Up + Q&A

Grow Your Business with Us Starting April 2nd








Have questions before committing?

 FREE BONUSES: Tools & Resources to Support the New You

Nearly $1,000 worth of
FREE tools to create the kickass new business & life you’ve been dreaming about!

Special Guest Appearances 

You’ll get to meet some impactful professionals during the program who will share their best practices for growing a business with a positive mindset.

Homework Questions, Exercises and Trackers

A series of guided prompts, tasks, questions, and guided journeys designed to bring you closer to yourself and figure out what you actually want. 

Weekly Action Plan & Business Planning Resources

A set of simple questions that will help you fill your to-do list with the items that actually matter…and forget the ones that don’t

And much more!


My Journey from Self-Sabotage to Self-Employment


I used to sabotage myself and my business.

Taking on more work than I could handle, trying to solve problems by working hard instead of smart.

Prioritizing business growth over personal growth because I didn’t understand that they’re the same thing.

Burning myself out over things I didn’t actually care about because I was chasing the short-term satisfaction of checking a box instead of the long-term satisfaction of creating the life I wanted.

Reading book after book on every business topic imaginable, thinking that the next one I read will be the one that magically fixes everything, not realizing that I couldn’t think my way out of my problems.

It wasn’t until I put my own personal growth before my business’ growth that I understood how to build a business and life that makes me happy. It wasn’t until I decided to stop fighting myself and made peace with my inner critic that I was able to walk away from self-sabotage.

But once I figured that out? Everything got much easier.

You can read more about my story here. But all you really need to know?

Is that I know firsthand what’s possible when self-sabotage ends and self-improvement begins.

More money. More joy. More fun. More growth. More alignment with my true calling. Challenges seem easier. Changes seem more manageable. Better results faster and with less effort.

All because I learned how to stop fighting myself and just let my goals and desires be.

Now, my efforts are focused on how to provide the most value to my clients while being authentic. I have systems in place to help keep me on track with the activities that matter the most. I only focus on the work that is aligned with my personal values and long-term goals. 

Because of this, new and exciting opportunities are consistently coming my way and people seek out my services so I can help them create changes in their own lives and businesses. 

Are you ready to evolve?


Personal and business growth can be messy and painful. And the reason why a lot of people fail is that they don’t have someone in their corner to encourage them, keep them accountable, or show them the most efficient way to get what they want.

Growth requires change, and your brain is pre-programmed to resist change at all costs.

But when you start challenging your old thinking patterns, when you start shifting out of self-sabotage, it becomes easier to sustain that momentum – especially when you have an expert coach to guide you into your next evolution.

That’s why I’m here, and that’s how I’ve helped business owners like these:

I had never worked with a business coach before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wondered if it would be as useful to me, a solopreneur, as it would to a small business. All I knew was that I was having trouble making simple decisions and getting stuck in “busy work”. I knew that if I wanted my business to get where I wanted it to be in 2020, then I needed to do something different in order to make that happen. That’s when I started working with Sue. Almost immediately, Sue made me look deeper into the reasons why I felt stuck and helped me get out of old habits that were dragging my business down. Sue helped me set goals that I could follow through on. And as a result, I saw an increase in my business – but I also gained confidence as a businessperson and artist!

Sacha Alfonzo

Owner, Wild Souls Photography

What I thought would be a hard process was painless. Sue is as hands-on as you need her, but lets you take the lead. She gives you simple tools to help you explore your challenge. I was surprised how impactful the process was in helping me get clarity about my real goals (both short and long-term) for my business and my life! From cash flow sheets to life goal pencil and paper tools…Sue is amazingly well equipped to help entrepreneurs and businesses! She is the whole package!

Alex Hennig

Owner, Clear Design

But what if you don’t feel like you’re ready?


Look; personal growth is scary. And your ego will make every effort it can to try to stop you from changing things. That’s why your ego will come up with lame excuses to keep you stuck where you are – excuses like these:

“I don’t have the time to invest in personal growth!”

So you’re saying you don’t have the time to go get the things you actually want out of your life.

You’re saying you don’t have the time to become the person you’re meant to be.

You’re saying you don’t have the time to achieve your big, bucket-list items.

…then what do you have time for?


I don’t say this to be glib.


I say this to put a big, bold spotlight on the fact that you are entirely in control of your time, and it’s your choices that are driving how much or how little time you have available to become your best self.

Where can you carve out more time to invest in yourself? Can you cut down on TV? Or hire help for your business? Get a babysitter? Can you find ways to get more work done in less time? (Pomodoro technique, etc.)

There’s always a way to make time for something that’s important to you. If something matters to you, you’ll make time for it. If not, you’ll make excuses.

“I don’t have the money to spend on personal growth!”

When money is tight, business owners have two options:

You can spend less.

Or you can make more.

But when you tell yourself that you don’t have enough money to spend on X, you are reinforcing a thought pattern in your brain that keeps you stuck in scarcity and lack. You are reinforcing a perception that makes survival your only goal.

And you can’t build the business and life of your dreams if you’re stuck in a survival mindset.

Instead of saying that you don’t have the money for something, ask yourself: How can you FIND the money for it?

Can you make an extra sale this month?

Can you pick up some odd jobs on the weekends?

Can you cut a non-essential expense out of your budget for a month or two?

When you stop saying that you can’t afford something, and instead start asking how you can FIND the money to afford something, it rewires your brain to start looking for – and finding! – money in more places. And when you’re always on the lookout for places money could be hiding, that’s when you start finding creative new ways to grow your sales.


“I don’t think I’m prepared to make a change!”

News flash:
Nobody is ever prepared for anything.

Think about the last time you made a big life change or took a risk.

Did you feel prepared before you did it?

Or did you feel like you might throw up?

If you keep waiting until you’re ready, you’re going to let your entire life go by without taking action on any of the priorities that matter to you – and you’ll wake up one day & realize you wasted your entire life because you never felt ready.

But what if instead, you could just….change? What if personal growth could happen even if you weren’t ready for it?

This takes guts and trust. But it’s the key to getting what you want: Trusting yourself to be able to handle whatever comes next. Trusting that the person you are becoming is ready for all of the wonderful things that you’re afraid of right now.


“I don’t see what personal growth has to do with business growth!”

Fun fact: About 90% of the time, business problems are
actually personal problems in disguise.

(This is one fact that I had to learn the hard way.)


“I’ve already tried everything, and nothing works! Why should I believe it’ll be different this time?”

Because this program will go deeper than anything you’ve tried before — and because you’ll have a community of like-minded people for support.

Every aspect of this program has been intentionally designed to make your growth stick – to ensure that what you learn during our 8 weeks together will benefit you for years to come. The tools you’ll learn will help you to create fast and lasting change, and you’ll walk away with a variety of resources designed to support you long after this program is over.


You are ready. You can have the dream business and the dream life. All you need to do…is say yes.


What would future you do? What decision is your future self urging you to make? That’s the central question you need to be asking yourself to guide your growth and create the life you want.

Come discover a new way of building a business you love.

Group starts April 2nd!

Yes! I’m ready to build my dream biz and become the best version of myself!