Hi there! Glad to meet you. I’m Sue Ross and I help people create the opportunities they’ve always wanted.

In other words: I’m a holistic business coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses they love without sacrificing their souls to do it.

(Because scaling your business means combining your bright, burning zeal for your work with a defined plan and strategy.)

Holistic business consultant.
Emotional intelligence + mindset coach.
Puzzle-solver extraordinaire.

Running a business is like doing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Blindfolded. And there are multiple different pieces that could fit in multiple different places, and it’s up to you to figure out what goes where.

Time-consuming? Yes. Frustrating? You bet. An exercise in futility? It’ll definitely feel that way.

But if you’re good at it, putting together puzzles blindfolded can be a lot of fun.

My Story

Why did I become an entrepreneur? It was part destiny, part necessity.

As a child, my favourite game to play was “store”. When I was a youngster, my dad inherited an old cash register from his work, and he gave it to me. I spent hours ringing up purchases, recording sales, and managing inventory. When I wasn’t playing “store”, I was playing “office” – taking my mom’s mail and redistributing it to her later.

When I got older, I started doing the same thing, but with real money and real business challenges this time.

As an eager 20-something looking to make my mark on the world, I entered the workforce to find that none of the opportunities in front of me gave me what I needed in order to feel fulfilled. 

So instead, I created my own opportunities.

College wasn’t for me. 

That’s why I left after a year – because I could tell that college wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go. I decided to throw myself headfirst into the business world and learn by doing.

What I didn’t expect to learn? Was that business growth and personal growth are the same damn thing.

Your business is an extension of you. And the more you put off investing in your own personal growth, the longer it will take you to hit your business goals. 

Of the many difficult lessons that all entrepreneurs must learn, the one that has benefitted me the most is this:

The more you grow as a person, the easier it is to handle professional challenges and navigate business growth.

That’s why all of the work that I’ve done has been in some kind of a supportive capacity. Here’s what I mean:

  • At Disney, Starbucks, and Blockbuster, I discovered firsthand the efficacy of leadership strategies that focus on the whole person and not just the employee.
  • While working on Okanagan4Kids.com, the online community I created, I focused on peer-to-peer connection and relationship building and used these tactics to grow the website to over 40,000 unique visits per month. This website ultimately grew to include a magazine and a trade show that welcomed thousands of expectant & new parents and raised thousands for local charities.
  • When I implemented a new system for a custom wood wine box manufacturer that saved them 45 hours a month, I did it by overhauling their entire invoicing, payments, and payroll practices in a way that gave staff members more authority and responsibility while ensuring better team communication.
  • When I secured over $50,000 in new funding within 18 months for Shoe Bank Canada, I was able to do it by providing Shoe Bank Canada with the operational structure they needed to do what they do best (and also by running amazing events like art galas and live auctions).
  • While working with Social Media Examiner, I streamlined their speaker and volunteer onboarding process with a new automated system that helped them manage over 200 speakers and hundreds of volunteers at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego.
  • As an events manager, I created and implemented a system that ensured the success of a high-profile VIP experience at the Axel Merckx Granfondo bike race in Penticton.
  • As President of the Inspired Word Cafe Society, I led the development of a strategic plan, vision, mission, and board governance structure that brought a new level of organization to the non-profit.
  • As Business Development Manager with Futurpreneur Canada, I help aspiring entrepreneurs develop solid business plans and cashflow forecasts and help set them on a course to success in their businesses.
  • As an instructor at Okanagan College and UVic’s Gustavson School of Business, I create learning opportunities for people wanting to take their skills in business, WordPress, Shopify and entrepreneurship to the next level.

Since I live in the Okanagan, let’s use a vineyard metaphor.

Every grapevine needs a trellis to guide its growth. Without a trellis, the vines collapse in on themselves and block the sunlight from reaching the leaves and grapes. As a result, the grapes become acidic and start to rot.

The exact same thing is true of business. If you want your business to become the Veuve Clicquot of your industry, you need the right systems and support in place to guide your growth and ensure your business doesn’t rot from the inside out.

And nothing gives me more joy than watching the seedling of an idea turn into a successful business that changes your life.

How do we do that? How do we guide your business from conception to massive growth?

By fitting the various pieces of your business and life together in the exact right configuration that makes it all work together. By creating your mosaic.

How do you know if we’re a good fit?

We’ll go together like bacon & eggs if you:

  • Care about personal growth and are ready to become the best version of yourself
  • Have an open mind and are willing to try new things
  • Want to develop a way to stay organized as your business grows
  • Need efficient and easy-to-understand solutions for complex problems
  • Are ready to finally get the “OMG everything is on fire” monkey off your back  

Are you ready to grow your business while keeping your sanity & your soul? Contact me today and let’s create a strategic plan that works.